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  • Work with experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Medicare and Medicaid Consultants and Billing Specialists.

  • Recover Outstanding A/R, missed claims, and/or missed Bad Debt Reporting. We have uncovered over $250,000 for a nursing home by a simple Audit of their monthly logs. High demands of office staff can lead them to overlook denied claims and Bad Debt claims that quickly add up over time. To date, PHT has collected over $3 million in old accounts receivables for nursing homes.

  • Vast experience with numerous Medicare & Medicaid billing softwares, including knowledge on how to fix, correct, and/or update a facility's software as needed

  • Receive your Medicare and Medicaid payments timely to improve cash flow

  • Accurate Electronic Claim Submission

  • Timely filing and follow-up on Medicare Choice and Coinsurance claims

  • Weekly Log Reports at your finger tips

  • Month and Year End Financial Reports

  • Reduce Staff Benefit Expenses

  • Decrease the headache of employee turnover

  • Free up time for you and your office to focus on other things

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