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We offer complete Third Party Medical Billing and Reimbursement services. Based on past experience, you can have full confidence knowing that we will provide an uncomplicated transition. The following is a review of our process for Skilled Nursing Facilities Medicare A and B claims that do not have an existing billing software, however we can accommodate different billing needs as we are experienced with the top billing software currently available (ie: Point Click Care, American Health Tech, Matrix Solutions, etc...) -

  • Claim information is sent to us via mail or email.

  • UB04s are made from our UB04 software and emailed to you for your files

  • Claims are electronically submitted within 48 hours of receipt. We use the DDE system which allows us to have complete hands on control of your claim from the second after it's submitted, not days.

  • Part A and B logs are made through Excel and emailed to you when claims have been submitted. This allows you to see what is due from Medicare, Coinsurance, Bad Debt, and Private Pays.

  • Follow all claims until they reach a paid status

  • Print your Medicare Payment Remits and Email them to you the day before your deposit will hit your account.

  • Post all payments to logs and email updates

  • Bill paper coinsurance for those claims that did not electronically cross over

  • Follow up with outstanding coinsurance payments or Medicare Choice claims within 30 days

  • Keep updated Bad Debt Log and review quarterly for any possible increases to bi-weekly Medicare reimbursements

  • Continually update logs so they are ready for your FYE Cost Report.

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