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We help our clients with any Medicare, Medicaid, and HCBS questions and issues -

Collections -

  • Review prior claims and recover any missed Medicare, Medicaid, or coinsurance payments

  • Review prior Bad Debt Logs and recover any missed reimbursement

  • Review current Bad Debt for possible increases in bi-weekly Medicare reimbursement

  • Submit Appeals

  • Submit Paper Work for Medical Reviews and follow up

Consulting -

  • Submit Provider Enrollment Forms and other necessary Medicare compliance forms

  • Resolve issues with Rug Levels or Coding Information

  • Resolve issues with Electronic Claims Submission

  • Review existing therapy contracts and assist in renegotiations if needed

  • Onsite review of current A/R processes and procedures

  • Issue report on process and procedure improvements to maximize billing process and A/R collections

  • Onsite or offsite training with staff on current Medicare guidelines and updates

  • Ongoing & easily accessible support of day to day questions

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